Interior Designer – CoNSTRUCTOR
is an easygoing and patient consummate
world traveler using every journey
to fuel his unique
artistic passion - creativity.

about FotoOfSiteNEWAlways by your side, helping you define and execute a vision, Whether your vision is an interior design that perfectly reflects your personality, or creating that “wow” feeling that reflects your needs and your style about your project within your very budget and for sure not to stamp his own style on your project.

 PanayiotisPseftelis Is Specializing in the Areas of Development-Project management, Integration of Interior Design, Architecture and Creative-Conceptual Ideas, Consultation, Space Planning (Our designs are visualized with 3D Render Presentation, Maps, Impressions, Colors and Materials Specification as We like to use our experience to assist in the realization of these designs), Personal Shopping, Sourcing and Budgeting Within the Residential and Retail Sector.

 When working with PanayiotisPseftelis , the client is introduced to new ways of thinking about their personal environments in one on one contact and exceptional creativity that his practice provide in order to improve and transform the experiential reality Without mimicking period detail because as I believe every space I design should be a reflection of who you are at the particular stage of your artistic life so Most of the details Are custom designed …So every project is unique in its own right---- approaches every room with the same energy and attention to detail.